Friday, 2 December 2011

Top 10 Albums of 2011: #9

Next up on the list is a German duo who were responsible for creating a phenomenal line up in such an idyllic setting with their beach stage at Melt! festival.

9. Modeselektor - Monkeytown

Monkeytown crafts together techno, dubstep, electronia, hip hop and more within its eleven tracks, a true example of how to construct a ‘dance music’ album in that it never leaves you bored and is not predictable. Well not unless you have listened to their first offering Happy Birthday which was equally as impressive, more so in fact; as upon its release it seemed ahead of its time. Monkeytown has definitely been one of my favourite albums hence its place in this here list, however I do somewhat feel the German duo may have rested upon their laurels a tad, this coupled with the fact it was released late in the year has ultimately led to it being one or two rungs further down the ladder than perhaps it should have been. On the whole though a really solid album with two tracks in particular standing out for me and neither Berlin or Pretentious Friends are the tracks that feature their good friend Thom Yorke.

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