Monday, 5 December 2011

Top 10 Albums of 2011: #8

“What do ya know about Moorgate?” *stifled laughter* “I don’t know anything about Moorgate!”

8. LV and Joshua Idehen - Routes

When I first heard Northern Line I couldn’t help but smile; the comic vocal over a quality electronic beat perhaps offered up this year’s novelty track. However when listened to in the context of the album on which it resides it all begins to make sense. My deciphering of Routes is that it is a musical portrait of London life, using the deep voice of vocalist Joshua Idehen to lay down what I would class as urban poetry over the high quality electronic beats that have became the trademark of LV. From the comedy that comes from Northern Line, there is also a darker side with Murkish Delights describing a very 21st century struggle.

The album works extremely well live, Joshua Idehen has a good presence on stage and the euphoria of album track Primary Colours is designed to be heard loud in a club full of people. Had I got onto this album earlier in the year and not just after witnessing the live show then it could actually have ranked higher and it continues to grow in stature with each listen.

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